martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009

Hey, Do You Wanna Be, Soft Like Me

Alguna vez me recomendaron escuchar a Saint Etienne, banda inglesa que toca una musiquita rica del género indie dance. Me gustó mucho la voz de Sarah Cracknell, el ritmo y las letras de varias de sus canciones. Aquí les comparto el mensaje de una que me gusta mucho en lo particular, viene en el álbum Finisterre (2002) y lleva por título "Soft Like Me". Atención a todos los que son papás y mamás o que somos tíos o tías, o tenemos acceso a la educación, de alguna forma, de niños y niñas (otra vez me parezco a Fox, qué fijación, diría Freud)...

Soft like wildflowers by rivers and streams,
Thoughts washing over me like the stuff of my dreams,
And I see it coming true,
We'll be soft like you...

Hey, do you wanna be,
Or don't you wanna be,
Soft like me...

I used to wonder why big boys don't cry,
'Cause they were always taught to hold it deep inside,
Hide the feelings, they bubble to the top when it's going off,
Better put'em up, let 'em know you are tough...

And remember they won't take back talk,
Then you should never let them walk,
And son, if you come back to me defenseless,
Then boy, I'm wanna beat you senseless...

And that's daddy doing what he can,
To make that boy a man, I have a different plan,
Baby, I'll encourage you to be expressive not agressive,
More soft around the edges, just like me...

Little girls are  made of everything nice, we pay the price,
For wearing hearts on sleaves, I still believe,
We hold the key to a better way to be,
With femenine energy, I touch the universe...

But what came first was peace to all mankind,
But in this time and of hard life I'm having a hard time,
With growing a thick skin 'cause I soak up all the hurt,
And hold it all within and I've been this way from day...

I never got no hugs when I fell down in the playground,
Maybe it would be different now,
But how a mother's love gave so much to us, too...
Made us soft but strong, just like you...

I see it coming through guy and a hand knot,
Say you wanna do it, oh but a big butt,
Scared to get into it 'cause when you gave your love and trust,
Your heart got crushed, in a rush...

Head got twisted up, files went corrupt, your system overload,
As you went chugging down that lovely road,
You could take the physical blows but emotional lows,
Left him on the ropes...

Some how she always copes with the pain,
And comes back again,
Like, yeah, you know me, girl stay ready for the world,
From the red corner, stay warmer...

Born an optimistic hoping that this heart will open...

Hey, do you wanna be,
Or don't you wanna be,
Soft like me...

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